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Our primary program is one we developed over several years for classroom presentations in the various area schools. The emphasis of the program can be modified depending upon the focus of the audience. We can talk only about bees or we can also cover their importance to the environment, the food chain and to humans. Information on beekeepers and beekeeping can also be include.

For our programs, we will utilize any or all of the following: live lectures with visual aids, PowerPoint presentations, an observation hive with live bees, examples of hive products, samples of hive and beekeeping equipment, and honey for sampling. We can also provide handouts.

Some schools invite us during a particular study section in their curriculum and incorporate study sheets for the students to use during the presentation. We can work with the teachers beforehand to develop questions for these.

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The presentation generally lasts about an hour. We begin with a short talk on the biology and life cycle of the honey bee. The talk's depth and language are tailored to the ages and interests of the group. We address some common misconceptions about honey bees and bees in general. We discuss the importance of pollination and the food chain. We talk about what beekeepers do and what the general public can do to help both the honey bees and our native bees. We hold a question and answer period, which usually consumes the rest of the allotted time. Time permitting, the students come up for closer looks at the visual aids. Younger ones especially enjoy trying on the bee suits and getting pictures.

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