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To arrange for a presentation, use one of the links or phone numbers below.

We will need roughly 30 minutes to put up the display. Set up varies depending on the situation. We can adapt to most layouts. We prefer to utilize what you have in place but can provide our own when necessary. Bringing in and setting up our own visual or audio equipment adds to the prep time.

For indoor programs, we prefer to use your tables. If you want a PowerPoint presentation to be part of the program, it is helpful to have an AV system in place. For big groups or big rooms, an audio system is a big plus. When an observation hive with live bees is part of the presentation, time is usually allotted for the audience to look at the bees up close. It is helpful to have enough room in front of the table to avoid congestion. NOTE: we do not bring an observation hive in cases of inclement weather. We are often asked to have honey available for tasting; this can be messy, especially with younger children.

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We can also set up an information type booth for outdoor events like ag day, career day, Earth Day, and such. For this, we usually have most of the same props used for the indoor presentation without the audiovisual portion. We often address a small group in front of the booth, give a talk, and answer questions. Depending on how the event is organized, this group can be passer-bys that gather to learn or be structured as in school children rotating between booths.

At present, there is no charge for these programs. However, there are expenses incurred, and although we do not ask for them, any donations are much appreciated.

In the future, as we build up our resources, we intend to conduct workshops and classes, some with hands-on experiences at one of the member's bee yards.

Initially, we will continue as we have in the past, doing free programs tailored to younger school children or older school age children and non-beekeeper adults. We also hope to reach out to 4H, FFA, the scout programs, and the veteran's groups.

We have previously done several workshops for more experienced beekeepers to address some specific beekeeping subjects and skills. We are looking to expand these to explore some topics of interest to beginner beekeepers and cover some more specialized areas for experienced beekeepers.

We hope to provide the sources of information and instruction that we wished were available to us as new beekeepers.

To schedule your Honey Bee Resources bee talk, mail the Bee Talk Request Form to

Honey Bee Resources

PO Box 2
Sale City GA 31874

or Email us at info@honeybeeresources.org. To speak with a real person, call 229-336-5952