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Honey Bee Resources started when a small core group of beekeepers decided that we could be of better service to the community if we joined together to provide more instruction levels. We had been doing demonstrations, classes, and workshops as individuals. Over the past five or six years, we have done talks to school children in Worth, Baker, Mitchell, and Dougherty counties. We are regulars presenters at Lee County Middle School. In addition to the schools, we have also done presentations to church groups, summer camps, a garden club, the Daughters of the American Revolution, Lions Club, and the nature programs in a couple of state parks.

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The head organizer of Honey Bee Resources is Thom Carey – the owner-operator of T&S Bee Farm. Our base of operations is in Mitchell County, Georgia. Over the years, T&S Bee Farm has gotten frequent requests from schools and organizations, through its website, for programs on bees and beekeeping. As a result, we had developed a standardized program that we can tailor to meet the requests of our participants. In the four years before covid-19, our presenters have done yearly programs for the Lee County school system. We have also done several presentations in Worth, Mitchell, and Baker Counties for public and private groups. We have done programs for a girls' Academy in Tallahassee, Florida too. Honey Bee Resources is an offshoot of T&S Bee Farm, as a way to organize our education efforts.

Following the closure of the Little River Beekeepers Club, we have recognized the need for an educational group to fill the void in our area.

We are working on making our website a viable source of educational material on bees and beekeeping. We are close to completing the first three of the proposed lesson plans for teachers to download and use for class instruction. As we continue to do research and learn, we will add more content to the site.

We are not a club. We do not have members. We have a loosely organized group of dedicated beekeepers who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise. Our participating presenters change according to their areas of interest and the instruction needed.

We have done two events this year so far. We got together and conducted a spring bee school in February and in April gave hands-on instruction in the bee yard on conducting a proper hive inspection.

We are contemplating the frequency of our events. We are considering the idea of having a monthly event of some kind. We are looking at topics and programs based on the needs of our participants. We are considering bringing in guest experts for presentations at some point.

Thank you for your interest in Honey Bee Resources and T&S Bee Farm

https://myhivetool.com/ and https://www.honeybeeresources.org/

We hope to provide the sources of information and instruction that we wished were available to us as new beekeepers.